For My Sanity's Sake



His voice echoed from ear to ear.

It will not cease, I fear.


His songs keep my eyes wide.

As I toss and turn each night.


I listen to his sweet ranting,

Both foul and touching alike.


I shall not tire of his tone,

Both pained and completely his own.


Yet, I pray in shame, for sleep tonight.

For his voice rings in my head,

His voice will not let me rest.


I love it so much - thought I could never get enough,

But now I pull at my hair and scream,



For his words, his music is all that plays.

No voice can squelch his song,

Squelch his guitar,

Squelch his torn and shredded heart.


Sleep is far from me, I fear…

All I ask is for a night of peace,

One night with just me...


May his voice, just this once, take a break

So I may drift off and away...

For my sanity's sake....

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