My Rose

A seed given at birth.As years pass the seed grows.A white rose blossoms, pedals bright and soft.Other flowers twirl around each others roses.The joy of each other's presence making the roses grow brighter and stronger.I too wished for this joy, but no one wants my rose.Me and my rose are picky, yes but even if we see another rose that we like, odds are that it might not want my rose.Although my rose is still young it is withered and dulling.It's pedals are becoming hard and crumbly.No one wants my rose.Why can't my rose just be normal;Understand how to grow and link with another's rose.Am I destined to have a withered dead rose all my life.Why didn't my rose just stay in its seed, so I wouldn't care if I had another's rose.But my rose did open and seems defective.How do I fix my rose?How do I train it to be normal?How do I earn another's rose?

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