My Road

I look down the road and while it's far away my destination's in sight,

The path is long and filled with hills so I know I'll have to fight,

First I have to make it through high school, such a daunting task,

I hae to figure out who I am and there's no one I can ask,

Then I have four years of college at the university of my choice,

Following everybody's rules I'm afraid I'll loose my voice,

Next comes medical school where the excitement will set in,

I'll be ready for my career to finally begin,

After that is residency where I'll be pushed until I break,

But I know that it won't be more than I can take,

Finally I will be out of school and then out on my own,

I'll have my white coat, I'll be licensed and trained, facing the world alone,

As I pass each mile mark I can hardly wait,

To see what the world holds for me and for the life I will create.


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