My River

Everyone is a river

Unique and colored

Personal and public 

Happy and sad 

Winding and straight

Flawed yet perfect

This river of mine

Is very beautiful

When I am happy

My river is bright

Winding, but

Sometimes straight

Always flowing

This river of mine

Is very dangerous

When I am sad

My river is rushing

A waterfall

With rocks at the bottom

Ripples turn to foam 

River turns to storm

Yet persistently,

My river is beautiful

The sun of my consciousness

Tearing streaks of light

Through the towers of 

Emotion and color

A prism of light

Tossing color to the sky

A second sun

May dry my depths

Searing it

But there will always 

Be more water

That rushes in 

And envelops me

I flow from the ocean

I come from waves

And a pool of wonder

It sustains me

As I rush along

Ever-changing, ever-flowing

A river flows in me

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