My Right to Live


United States
40° 47' 38.634" N, 73° 55' 37.7904" W

It all started with Emmit Till
We won’t let them have our bodies to fill,
their rivers of hate
We fight for the right to be human
Robinson steps to the plate, trash is thrown followed by booing
fear, anger and pride ensuing
knowing that giving into your hate will be my undoing
Always putting down our race
See the devil in the mirror it is you that is the disgrace
As we race the time
you send blood hounds to find,
us in our homes, churches, to lynch our skin
As we cry you watch the flames while laughin

We march to the words of the bible
the power in the speeches of King and X are undeniable

We are worthy, No we deserve to be here
we wave goodbye to all our fears
as we stand united it is a beautiful sight
as we demand our right
To live

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