For my Ride or Die

What the hell happened?

Why did the bike go rogue?

Why were you on it when that had to unfold?

I’ll never forget the sound of your screams,

Not knowing if it was real or a terrible dream,

I didn’t know what to do at that point, I didn’t care if my body was mangled and I was taking my last breaths, I just needed to get to you, I knew I needed to help you no matter what it took, that I couldn’t lose you, that if something were to happen where you were taken away, that would be my very last day, so I thank God you’re ok and we both lived to see another day. 


I know how scared you must’ve felt,

Thinking about it causes my heart to melt,

But I can promise you this like I always have,

I’ll come to your rescue as long as I’m breathing and even in the afterlife cause I’m never leaving, 


You’re my true soulmate Ali and I’d do anything for you, I’d die if it meant you’d be fine, I’d die knowing that you are mine. From the bottom of my heart baby I’m sorry we went down. But as in everything we do we’ve done it together and we made it thru and it’s all cause of how much you love me and I love you. 


I love you baby, 



This poem is about: 
My family


Peter Chillemi

For my beautiful wife

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