My relative happiness

What's happiness?

Each of you will have your definition , your feeling and so on.....

For me, besides being a mere and passenger mental and/ or physical state is only relative.

By putting my step not too relative ( not absolute) I may be missing something good, 

,but I don't care because at the same time I know I avoid evils and greater risks.

Ejemmmmmm....Some of you will be laughing...but I ' m still...

What' s coming next is almost a joke....why am I like that?

When I was about 10 years, I don't remenber exactly, but I remenber the cover of the book.

I read the quote , sentence, of Baltasar Gracian : " Brief if it's good twice as good"

I thought I was one of the Eureka to enjoy life and I applied it unconsciously.

Repeat: unconsciosly...I didn't even talk to my friends about that date or leave me mentally flattered...I just read it and just shocked more.

This is not an analyse myself here or extend myself to my concept of happines.

I just want to mention your/ my relationship to moderation.

I don't want to mention concepts like solidarity, altruism and such.....which we know make happy. sying that everyone is happy or could bein a very different way than mine.

We must respect that and would never criticize saying that someone cheats themselves when they say they' re happy.

It's this thing.....not mine.....each with his life.

I simply make my life as happy as I can and fot that requirement  is to give and receive love.

Love from mine, my people.. from my family/ few or many....that goes with the circumstances of my life.

This poem is about: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed

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