My Reasons For Loving You

I love the way your hand moves when you wave to me,
The way you conduct yourself when we go out together,
And how your mouth feels when it touches my mouth

I love the way you act when you’re thinking about me,
The way your heart pounds when I hold you in my arms,
And how you laugh when I tell jokes and funny stories

I love the way your eyes sparkle when you look at me,
The way you seduce me when you’re in a romantic mood,
And how your clothes fit when you dress to impress me

I love the way you miss me when I’m away for a few days,
The way your body looks when you’re taking a shower,
And how you sound when you whisper I-love-you in my ear

I love the way your legs move when you walk in the room,
The way you lie down in bed and let me caress your skin,
And how you moan and suspire when we're making love

I love the way you treat me when I’m in your company,
The decent way you behave when friends come to visit us,
And how you handle the problems that we encounter

Darling, these are my reasons for loving you so madly
You have many other features and qualities that please me
But most of all, I’m so glad you love the way I love you


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