My Purpose

ive been praying ...Ive been praying
so much the lord vists me in my dreams
He keeps telling 
Im an Angel that desended from Heaven  to change Men and Raise Kings

And when i wake up i
Try Not to fly too
Far away from were
Im destanted to be

The Winds of this earth
Love to Blow me off course
my wings get weak and other times i feel
Something else lifting the remorse
From me....

Ill forget my dreams
like something behind me  is chasing me...
But i feel this gust of Breath inside my chest that Continue to Push me

when Im Tired and i feel that i cant fly

This Settle Peace
flys right beside me

Preparing myself if I die
Ill see you on the other side
Let me clarify my Goodbyes...

God please ...let me stay a little longer so I may
Arise these kings inside these Men.

Even though i sorrounded in War
And im continue to fly over the World.
Shaken down by fear
That; Men are
 killin  each other 'year after year

I've spent A Whole eternity
Up here
I've been seening them fight over something
that.. That's
Their God Given Right ....To.... Live

I'm On  a hill top ,I sit Alone .
Crying to Lord

As i fly over each one of them cryin out Stop please Stop
It's not to late but they don't hear my screams

Holding onto what i know
Visions thats rest inside me
That theres Other angeles Flying
Besides me ......
in another part of this infininty
Wishing for the same thing

............wishing they could See...

They could See that the corruption is corrupting the Children...  

And when they get close they turn on
Me try to cut my Wings and
They know How bright the  light is  in my legacy

when i fly over i cast No  shadow
But theyve been livin
 In the Darkness
Hiding ,Hiding its Making then Heartless
My wing would only bring then clear conscience of their own guilty reality...

 CRYN for them as I Plead
but Thier scared of my light and they wont come unto me '
As i stretch my wings foward and extend my Voice
hoping that hear me ,

Im so scared for them because its so dark on those Grounds

its Blinding their way back its Binding them
Their lost now
 they don't want to be Found

I try to set them ..set them Free

But i believe in them so much i keep calling out
To see if theyll rememeber my vioce all those years
i followed them to the Ends of their eternity

And i cry unto the father each time i fail to bring them back home
I carried them as far as I Could
but i couldnt follow them down those dark roads

You see it was  forbidden for me to touch any darkness
so i had to fly back in the Light Were God is.
Im tired of visting the Graves were their bodies lie
Tired of Seeing the tears in their  mothers Eyes

Please God give them rest ,

i Cry mercy for their fathers as

These battles they face inside themselves
Is Consuming .....them
Knowing little what's ruins them.
they fight the things that  lay falln to
Chained To their rage
Victim to their own hate

I'm follow above them hoping they remember my Name.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i applaud your courage to express yourself that when i read this, i can hear your voice crying out in my eyes

this is a well thought out poem where you articulated yourself brillliantly.

i'm glad you promoted this poem to my group, and slam opportunity.

you got my vote, along with my students who promotes their poems on my group

i encourage you and my students to apply to this slam.


how you been sis?

read today's word: I Corinthians 3:16

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

remember this always-God have a purpsose for you, me and everyone

you experience God talking to you in your dreams

when God is speaking, He knows your heart

and once you know that purpose, fulfill and give Him all the glory

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