My Prince

My Prince

The look you gave me kind of scared me,

You smiled at me and grabbed my hand,

I didn’t know why you cared so much about who I was and what I did,

But you did and it made me trust you,

We’ve been friends ever since.


We both met when we were five,

My dad was happy that you found me.

He was a part of a big corporation while your dad owned a shop.

My dad liked you and said that you were good for me,

We both were confused at that,

But it didn’t matter.


I was known as the sleeping beauty,

I was “beautiful, but destructive,

The weather would curse me and cause me to get sick,

So, I was always sleeping.

Although, whenever you arrived it was like the rain clouds would go away and the sun would shine it’s brightest.


Although, one day,

This weather wasn’t the reason for my slumber.


This strange man came and was enraged at me father,

At the time, I was already 16,

The man saw me and started to chant strange things at me,

The next thing I knew I was on the ground.


When I woke up,

I was on my bed,

“This is strange”,

“Where am I”?


“The man has cursed you”, says my father.

“We can’t find him, but when we do we will find out how to rid you of this curse”,

“This curse won’t affect you, I will make sure of that”,

I had no idea what he was talking about,

This curse,

This curse, what is it?

This curse, will it kill me?


After that day,

You arrived and you held my hand once again,

You explain the curse to me,

“If you prick your finger on a rose’s thorn, then you will be put into an eternal slumber”.

I was astonished,

How can a curse be so trivial?

I start laughing and you give me a worried glance,

This world tries to hurt me by a thorn,

I couldn’t control my laughter,

How ridiculous?

You hold my hand tighter as I lay laughing on my bed.

You give me an even more worried glance,

“This curse is stupid”,

“I’m always sleeping anyways”,

“And you always manage to save me from that”,

“What makes you think that you can’t save me now”?

You don’t say a word,

You instead look worried.


You swore to protect me,

Where are you now?

I was foolish to think that I could outsmart this curse,

Where are you my prince?

I, the sleeping princess, needs you,

All I can see is darkness,

I can’t open my eyes,

Goodbye my prince.


I swore to protect you,

I know that I failed you,

I’ll find that man and I will bring you back from your eternal slumber,

Then I can prove to you that I’m capable of obtaining your heart and not shattering it.


Your father tells me that he has located the man.

That man WILL tell me how to end your curse.


The man arrives.

His disgusting smirk.

After much threats,

I got my answer,

The answer was …. a kiss?

How strange?

A kiss…. well whatever works.

Your father accepted this, only to save you.

I know what I must do,

I must save you.


Where are you my prince,

Please save me.


I’m coming to save you,

My love.


I enter your bedroom,

Your sleeping face,

So, gentle almost like the gentle breeze of spring,

Your slumber will no longer imprison you.

I place my lips on yours and this magical light beams from your entire body and your eyes slowly open,

You look at me and smile.

“You saved me”.


You saved me from this curse, but at the price of your life,

I don’t know how else to repay you,

Saving me shouldn’t have been paid with your life,

Although, with this rose that I held,

I will make sure that you are remembered.


 It’s been twelve years and I still see you as my prince,

You saved me from my slumber and from myself,

I no longer see darkness,

You have shown me the light,

This rose that I see will no longer curse me,

And it is all thanks to you,

My prince.


I know that I’m no longer on this earth, I hope that you live on,

My princess.








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