"My Power" - A musical by Yshi9

Fri, 12/22/2017 - 23:55 -- Yshi9

How do I explain?

Ohh, where do I start?

It is has been a tough road and it still quite is.

Okay, here I go for nothing:


I have the power,

the power,

the power to write my story

It's quite a situation,

Quite a different nation,

In my head....

It seems to sound right,

Seems to be the path,

the path that I am taking tonight...

Do dat doo, a do dat scit-a-lat doo a doo...

Where do I start,

Where do I begin,

I am running out of emotions,

I am hustling wind,

Moving this way and that way,

With no sign of destination,

With no slight of navigation,

BUT INSIDE...somewhere I know...

Ohh I know that I can make it...

And make the most of my power,


A lat a dat...a whoosh whoosh doo doo a pat a ratit a tat...

A wooh a woot,

I know, I know, OH I KNOWWWW!

That I can do it.


It takes time.

My power.

My power to express my thoughts.

It's just like a flower,

growing every minute,

growing taller,

and hitting above the limit.

It creates imaginations,

A tool of domestication,

A man-made spiral of emotions,

And a bucket full of tokens.

It's called-

My Power of Writing words.

A lat a dat, ohh dooo a dooo,

dah dat rapilatoo, 

a doo a dat, wap, rat, ching, ching, chinging a loo.

Music can be Writing,

So can Writing be Music.

I know I can do it if I keep on rapping on to it.



It's time to stop.

I don't know whether I achieved my goal.



and Expressing myself,

My writing is now a big Thai Bowl.

Mixing this and that,

Making it spicy and ripe,

The Flower is slowly blooming tonight.

It will continue,

I will make it continue.

No matter the direction, 

No matter the destination,

JUST trying to bring a smile into our world today,

My writing, my power, will continue to bloom,

Just like a beautiful flower...just like this:

A rat a dat, aye a rat tat doo, a woot a root, choo, choo, doooo.

A doo ah doo, a doo, a doo, a doo, doo, ahh dooooooooo!...

THE END! Boom!



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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