My Pops

So, when i first saw the contest basic requirements, i kind of took it a general statement so i wrote my poem about how awesome my father is, but not in the typical way i guess, idk i hope you all like this. also, my father writes and has been published before, but this is my first time ever attempting to write anything, so by all means if this poem isn't good, feel free to comment and tell me.



My dad told me to dishonor his name, "become a man" he said. But never with his words

See, he said it in the way he always left for work at 7 and got home by 5, cause he knew he needed to provide for a family
He said it in the way he got me in the routine of mowing the lawns at 9 AM, and getting your haircut by 10:30 AM every Saturday, cause a man keeps himself and his house looking nice 
He said it in the way he always cooked something, even if the shit was nasty, cause a man always makes sure his kids never go hungry.
He said it in the whoopings, punishments, repercussions and all, cause a man takes responsibility for his actions and everything that comes with it
He said it in the long kitchen talks, about everything from music to literature, cause a man is supposed to be intelligent and very well rounded.
He said it in the way he handled fights, from mine to his, cause a man gotta know when and when not to use his hands for defense.
He said it in the way he always made me strive for excellence in school, always to get good grades, cause a man knows school has more to offer than the streets.
He said it in the way he only let me see him cry a couple times, cause men got feelings too but we can't be out here acting like no bitch.
He said it in the way he never discouraged me to go out for my dreams, but instead supported from a short distance, cause a man knows that he can't live anyone else's life for them.
He said it in the way he helped me move my stuff into my dorm on my 18th birthday, but left after one day, cause a man knows when it's time to let go of his son and let him use the lessons he passed down to him.
My dad told  me to become a man, and even though he did say a lot of things to me growing up, I would've still been able to hear it all if I was deaf. 
This poem is about: 
My family


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