My poem to my sweet friend, baby Owen

Owen, you are an angel sent from up above,

A love that flew in my heart like a beautiful dove

A precious Angel sent to us from God to bless our hearts,

Your sweet, peaceful and loving heart will always set you apart.


You are my guiding light,

Gods servant that never gave up the fight,

I used to love to watch you giggle and play,

I never imagned I would loose you one day.


You are the wind that blows in my hair and softens my heart,

The sound of the ocean, wind, rain and the sun will remind me we will never be apart,

You are the the white snow at a mountians edge,

You give me hope to be honest and good, my sweet Owen, I pledge.


I see you in the laughter of childrens eyes,

You are Gods angel sent to me thats no surprise,

You are the sunshine that smiles upon my face,

You are a true example of God's loving grace.


You are the brigtest  star that shines at night,

You are a true example of how a true figher fights.

You will always be a part of my heart and soul,

You showed me love and compassion should be our life goal.


With love to my sweet and loving Owen, may God keep you in his arms! 

Rest in peace my angel!!


- Sheshebee











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