My Poem Of All Times

Autumn leaves flowing gracefully  
where You left me to weep  
My thoughts moved along with the breeze 
Cocooning my spirit within  
I think that I shall get up and walk  
That would be my poem of all times 
I sent my soul through the Invisible  
To wash my stains from me  
the moon smiling at me with the stars
beaming right at me 
like I was in a dream  
In this kingdom by the sea God saved me 
from all my enemy's 
that keep eating at my soul  
God's love is deeper then anything I 
had ever known 
This he tells me so night and day  
This beauty is my joy from Him 
that given it to me 
This loveliness increases 
The seed of this Love I hold grown in 
to wisdom It came to me like water 
and like the wind I go .
Lilly Emery  


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