My Piercing Eye Grows Wide With Horrored Truth


United States
34° 43' 55.6536" N, 80° 45' 56.808" W
My piercing eye grows wide with horrored truth 
The more discerning so becomes; the shades
Surround the light where undistilled in youth 
Confusion's domicile unwinds and fades. 
And saw the rancid sepulcher, a mortal void
Where naught survives but want of civil sound
Or sound at all, that warmth of noise destroyed
A part in all, and held by no one crown. 
My love forlorn, my patience tested
In so hostile a state quotidian
And grievance all and angry politic rested 
'Pon arms of ruthless bent, a false meridian. 
For trapped in cells, content, in sight unseen
We pay most dear for our security. 
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