My perspective

I  am a college student 
I am a hard worker 
I am a woman 
who remains persistent  even when her goals end up in failure  still I  push.
Who doesn't have a porcelain face
Who wore hoodie's, sometimes to be kept from being looked at any type of way by somebody
Who doesn't have flawless skin
Who doesn't have a flawless body.
But still  when I look in that  mirror
I see  a goddess
I see more then just face when I look at that mirror 
More then filters that   hide are flaws and imperfections 
We are more then just plain face
A fliter  should never defy your beauty or your grace 
The essence of your beauty that radiates from your heart  to your soul is your beauty
 your ticket 
your calling card 
your passport 
whatever you choose to make it
So  that should never be questioned or in vain.
This goes for women and men
If a person cannot see you for  what you bring as
as  a person then  they don't deserve to know you
by your face or personality,
because yes face takes you far
but it can only do so much
you can be as flawless as you want,

but if there's no heart  
no depth in the words you speak 
no depth in  your heart 
no soul at all then flawless as you may be,
without those other traits then that will never get you anywhere.
 Honestly I will be dammed 
if I let anyone define me of what being pretty is  with or without  a filter
because at this stage of my life I define ,
what pretty is in my view of life and
if one thinks I'm ugly then its better that there not in my life at all 
at the end of the day I define my worth,
my potential 
my prettiness
my face I define it all 
nobody else can do it that but me,
we, everyone defines there own beauty,
face and all
I am a women 
I am with a heart 
I am a person 
who has has heart 
"So Take Me As I am or have nothing at all" -Mary J Blidge 



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