My Perfect Life

My perfect life.

That life full of friends, love and promises has been broken. 

Broken for an illusion that I myself created.

How silly I was thinking he was the one for me.  

The prince charming to add to my perfect life.

His lips full of lies that to me sounded so sweet and real. 

My perfect life waiting to crumble down on me.

Putting my trust, hopes, and happiness in the hands of a stranger.

A stranger disguised as a boy who "loved" me.

I gave him all of me thinking he would stay.

He stayed but not for long.

I let him go not knowing I had a little baby growing inside me. 

My perfect life was slipping through my fingers.

Those people who swore to be there for me were the first to leave.

"Disgrace, shame, stupid" was all I heard from my parents.

Parents that kicked me out and their future grandchild.

I was so lost and confused but I knew one thing for sure. 

My baby would live with or without anyone's help.

Months past and a beautiful girl was born.

As I saw her I knew my life hadn't been perfect at all. 

At least not until she was born. 

I may be a teenage mom but I am the best mom for her. 

Now I know how perfect my life truly is. 



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