My Perfect Career

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 17:34 -- ecimase

If I could choose my profession,

What would I be and why?

Maybe a calm, cool attorney

Though,I can be rather shy

I would be helpful, I should think

It would be smart not to waste my chance

However long the journey

Still, remain true to who I am

Money is not all that matters

To think so is truly foolish

Many fall apart, in tatters

To help others is my one wish

A college education I may need

Though, for now, I need to just breathe

Law school, the next step to my dream

Never is it easy, it seems

It takes so much time and effort

Though, I really shouldn't complain

There are other paths to choose in this world

It's my comensation for your pain

It is clear what I want to do

Of this and that, I have no doubt

It is time that I bid you adeu

When in need, just give me a shout



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