My Pen

Fri, 12/05/2014 - 15:58 -- AIM1219


Yesterday I thought I was dead

My pen was gone

My brush had disappeared

My brain was lost

The clouds were gray

And the sky was black

The rivers were full of blood

The hummingbirds were long gone

The mothers were crying

Their children were lost

Only memories remained


One soldier was holding a gun

One bullet, one shot and he was gone

The silence was obvious

No language remained


I started a voyage to find my beautiful pen

To bring back the language that once was there

I wondered through the night

The transformation was long gone

I ran, I ran to find my pen

To write my thoughts

That will enlighten my brain

The world had changed


They used my brush

To paint the frame

That healed their pain

At last I found my pen

I begin to write again

And the transformation is on its way


No more silence will remain

We will write again

To reclaim our brains

To rewrite our stories

To write with passion

With love and pain

We write from within

From above and beyond

We regain our language

And our traditions flourish again

As our culture remains in our veins

My pen I love, I love my pen

It writes my dreams

And reshapes my faith

Don’t lose your pens

Because you will lose your brains


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