My Passengers

A chance to escape in the form of a cruise line ship.
It sails away from that country,
The place that put its passengers through hell,
To a safe haven.
They think they're lucky,
They think they're free.
As they near their destination, these feelings only grow,
Swelling in their chests,
Happy tears welling in their eyes.

But the ship and its passengers meet an obstacle:
They cannot disembark to a new land,
Because that land refuses to accept them,
To take them into its safe arms and embrace them.
They ship dares not to go back to the hell that
Will burn its passengers with its hateful flames.
They seek refuge, but no one will take them.
They money, or
They seek obliviousness, or
They simply refuse.

The ship sits in despair with nowhere to go, its passengers
Viewing a land could keep them safe, if only it let them in.
They're within a hand's grasp, but no one will grab them.
With those happy feelings now laughable in comparison,
The ship goes back, head held low.

Before they reach the hellfire,
Someone opens their gates,
Someone embraces the ship's people.
All are relieved,
But it's only a matter of time
Before the flames find the passengers again.


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