On my own two feet

There you are once again lying on the floor motionless 

I hear the echos of my younger sister from the bedroom sobbing 

You are drunk once again and therefore, i must step up on my own two feet 

To make sure we are fed, bathed, and clothed 

They never tell you that you would have to grow up at the age of eight 

To take on the roles of an adult, isn't that what we have parents for...

I guess not...from then on i promised to take care of my younger sister no matter what

I would give her the protection and love that she desperately needed 

I would not allow her to starve or witness our mothers fate with the roads she takes

I may have lost my childhood but, with god's grace he gave me the strength 

To overcome all obsticles and make me the proud and strong independent woman i am today

And now I stand on my own two feet



This poem is about: 
My family


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