My Other Half

Can you imagine what it would mean

Were I to follow you in the hunt?

Were I to put my hollow dreams

Out into the sun with a strong-willed punt.


The fear of the day is flavored like Lay’s

Ruffled with a sprinkle of salty guilt

And vinegar in the usual way.

I don’t usually like Lay’s.


I’d much rather spend my time

Laughing right there by your side.

But I know you think I covered in slime

After I and my King’s Court  took that ride


Into a ravine.
Straight down.


It’s dark here, love.

Will you take my hand?
Heave and shove

Then help me stand?


I wouldn’t be shocked

If you’d pull me up to let me drop.


And since I only ever laughed,

It’s fair that that’s my other half.


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