My Neighborhood.

My neighborhood

Young in age & played the streets

Despite the interruptions of gun slaying around me

My neighborhood

A Lil Older More unique

My mind was almost free from the place that homes supposed to be

My Neighborhood

Ducking dodging the police

Gotta Drop It In The Alley

When you running from the heat

My neighborhood

Crack Was a new weed

The Reggie wasn’t working so my momma hit the streets

My neighborhood

Everybody Was related

Over Time We’ve All Grown 

We Fall off Or Getting Faded

My neighborhood 

Murder rates been climbing lately

Reproduction dominating

All this fucking Time we wasting

On this nonsense such as hating

Or talking bout who won’t make it

Then see them on our way and talk about what’s popping lately 

my neighborhood

You can change, the streets stay the same

Make me question who’s at fault or blame

Make me wonder why does it Pour and rain 

on the People With no Fortune or fame

But somehow it’s always sunny for the ones that shame

This is my neighborhood

I’ll buy houses for the homeless

Coats for the kids wear Ming Nothing That Can Warm Them

My neighborhood

From my rise to my dust

I would love for the way you shaped me Growing Up

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My community
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