My Mother's Regret

My mother left me.

When she left, I never got an answer.

When she left, I was fending for myself.

When she left, she put pressure on me to be the best woman I could be.

When she left, she also left my two brothers.

When she left, one of my brothers molested me.

When she left, she had an affair.

When she came back, she ignored me.

When she came back, she pointed out all my flaws.

When she came back, she argued with me that what I did didn't fit her standards.

When she came back, the damage was already done.

I asked her for years, why she left.

I asked her for years, why she ignored me.

I asked her for years, why she left my father.

I asked her for years, why one second I was her beautiful daughter and the next I didn't look good enough.

Her only response was, "Because I love you."

She left because my father threatened to take us away from her because she did drugs.

She loved us so much that she left, because she wanted to at least one day see us again.

She ignored me because she loved me so much and didn't want to get attached to me.

She left behind my father, because she was afraid that he would never let her see her children again.

She critisized my looks, because it was the only way she knew how to show her love.

After years of being neglected, I found out everything she did was because, she loved me.


This poem is about: 
My family


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