My Mother's Mother

Her smile lights up the room,With a tongue as sharp as broken glass, But she has a heart that's in full bloom. She gives me love that is unconditional, And ears that are always open, Replying with advice that is almost lyrical. She was there if I was ever in need, Monetary or spiritual, It was her who I fell upon, guaranteed.  She graced me with her existence, Unknowingly of course, And we hated when there was too much distance.  For months you had kept secrets, Not wanting to worry me, Knowing you were my greatest weakness.  Then the call that ruined my life, My world had ended at 3:15 AM, My soul had gotten stabbed with a knife.  The emptiness left within me, It will never subside, I never thought it would be this early that you'd leave me.  You were suppose to see me graduate college.  Suppose to play with my newborn child.  Give me more knowledge.  Watch me walk down the isle.  And what I'll never figure out:  How I have been able to survive without you sense I lost you Christmas Day,  You were the only one who ever loved me more, And my love for you will never sway.  I miss you. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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