My Mother's Daughter


"Say, you're Michelle's girl?"

is what I hear every day

That's my place in the world, 

and I kinda like it that way.

But sometimes, 

You just want to break free.

Just get rid of the rhymes,

and Just Be.

Momma, let me go

I love you but can't I

go to a different college, be someone else's girl?

Gosh, I can't even swear without it getting back to her. 

Momma, let me go

I don't want to be a teacher, I'll be me

I don't want to date a white boy, I'll be me

I don't want to vote Democratic, I'll be me

Momma, let me go

I need you, not your life

Momma, you're killing me

I want to be successful like you, but I don't want to escape one small town 

to go to another


Oh, Momma

Let me go let me go letmegoletmegolet

"Aren't you Michelle's girl?"



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