My Mother The Wind


My Mother The Wind

My mother the wind blows through the sky

Reds, oranges, yellows too

She carries the leaves and away they fly

Up to the clouds in a sky so blue


My mother the wind, she had come and gone

When i was little she held me close

I was not yet even a woman before she passed along

We buried her softly in the ground with a rose


My mother the wind, she went away

Twas death that captured her soul

Twas death that decided her last day

and made me feel unwhole


But my mother the wind is still here at times

I feel her at my side

She's my favorite tree to climb

She never tries to hide


My mother the wind is all my favorite things

She's the sunshine of my face

and all the joy it brings

She is my embrace


My mother the wind is the rain as it falls

My favorite song

My favorite color on the walls

A peacefull walk along


My mother the wind will never leave my side

She's in all the things that make me smile

The comfort when I've cried

My mother the wind





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