To my mother

To My Mother


Oh Mom, you have been with me forever

You helped me through tough times

Also the good times

So thanks


You had me and I changed your life

Your guidance will also be with me

Your like a flower to me

You bloomed into a wonderful person to raise me


You gave me medicine when I was sick

In return I’ll watch your fave Chick-flick

With you, things are always fun

I like to make you smile

It’s like watching the sun come up


Mom your my guardian angel

You help me strive for better

You always told me to “Never give up on your dreams”

I love to goodbye hugs you give when I leave for work

I love you mom


I love when it’s Mother’s day

Because I can really show you out

I love spoiling you because you deserve it

Your still young and beautiful

I’m really glad you my mother


You discipline me when I get out of line

You show who really is in charge

You don’t shy away when I really need your love

Seeing you happy makes me want to give you a lot of hugs

So to my mother you are the best.


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My family


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