My Mother

What would I do without her?

I have no clue, no inkling, no idea.

Without her, my life would be a mess, chaos, disarray.

Everything would fade into a dark blur.


How could I live without her?

She is home, safety, comfort.

Not having her would be devastaing, calamitous, mortifying.

The unimaginable pain would have no cure.


She is my map to life.

For each bend, every turn, and all roads,

She has been there

To prepare me, to guide me, to advise me.


She is the fierce lioness protecting her cubs,

My guardian, defender, sentinel.

Having her to take care of me means

I am safe, secure, shielded.


She is my tenderhearted nurse,

Always there to mend

The injured, damaged, broken.

Her affection, compassion, bright soul can heal any wound.


She is my teacher, mentor, coach.

She taught me to walk, to read, to write,

To love, to cherish, to ador,

To be strong, and brave, and powerful.


She is an artist,

Creative, gifted, inspired.

She opened my mind to the unimagined, the unknown, the magical.

She showed me another world.


She is a careful sculpter,

Helping to forge me, form me, shape me

Into what I am now and what I will be.

Without her, I would not be the same, equal, comparable.


She is my mother, my hero, my listener,

My best friend, my inspiration, my stability.

There is no way I could live without her or her devotion, grace, or honesty.

We are bound together...forever and always.

This poem is about: 
My family


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