My Mother

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 22:50 -- NatBad

Women are borne to bear pain

My mother gave birth to myself,

And my twin brother.

She was in labor for twelve hours before the doctors said,



And my mother knew that she could not bear any more

Than she already had,

So she said “Yes.”

Now she bears the scars across her stomach.

Deep, jagged lines that have scared me since the day I first saw them,

Scars that prove how much women have done for mankind.

Before my brother and I,

My mother carried another child,

And she was forced to carry the pain

Of losing a son or a daughter

For the rest of her life.

When I was fifteen,

I forced my mother to carry the fear

Of losing a daughter,

Because I was scared, because I was tied,

And I wanted to give up,

And my mother was the first person at my side,

Ready to support me,

Because even though I take after my father,

I have watched my mother aide my brother and I

To grow into the adults we are becoming,

And watched us become brave and tired and intelligent,

I know that it came from my mother.

And even though I take so much habit from my father,

I know that every time I hug my mother,

Or see her support good and wholesome choices,

Or be a hero to some child or another,

I know that I would be none prouder than to grow

Into the woman that raised me.


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