My Mother

My mother is unique,

Like the leaves on a tree right before fall.

Colorful and full of life,

Like 7:12 p.m. right before the sun sets.

She is a campfire,

Kept under control

But if you feed the flames to much they will roar

A tiger protecting her young

Yet a tiger lily

Bright and always tall and proud

Like the ocean,

Free and peaceful

The rolling fields of grass in the mid-west

Tucked away in a log cabin

Surrounded by green

The color of her eyes and her Irish heritage

An Indian princess

One with the nature around her

Rhythmic like the drums beating with a tune

Expressive and loud

Poetic yet strong

Like a 67 S.S. Camero

Full of muscle and power

A leather jacket with demin jeans

Like and Olympic swimmer

Strong and agile

Still she is a sun shower

Light, calm, and peaceful

And always followed by a brilliant rainbow

The easiest way to describe a free spirit like her is to tell you her favorite food and drink,

She is a margarita, sweet yet tart all at the same time,

But more a slice of Christy’s pizza

A crunchy exterior

Yet she is gooey and sweet

My mother is amazing

Like her mother before her

The best mother she could be.

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