My mother

A hero that remains perfect forever
The queen of all queens
The creator of thousand creatures
Who pampered me when I was a little kid
Who work all day and night
just to see a smile on my face
My main origin 2 this world was my mother
Who had always cuddle me on her bosom
Her Perfectional love Grant me Paradise on Earth
She does whatever it takes to see a smile on my face
My mother is my everything
She's my first friend and also a teacher
She's the most amazing thing in my life
She guides me all the way to success
Your love is unforgettable
You look after me kindly and protectively
You mean a lot to me
I will do everything for your sake
Even if it takes me a thousand miles long
What would I have done without you
I have no idea in what way I can thank you

This poem is about: 
My family


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