My Most Favorite Place


Five in the morning, my alarm sounds

Stretch and yawn as my feet hit the ground

Slowly walk to my closet, sleepily get dressed

Hoping I don't make a huge tired mess

I walk downstairs, soon enough in the car 

Driving away to my second home, although a bit far

We arrive, I jump out, huge smile across my face

For I know I have come to my most favorite place

I lace up my skates and put on my gloves

Step onto the ice, a feeling I love

My blades against the ice in a quiet glide

A more exciting feeling than a carnival ride

I stroke around, feel the wind at my face

And I know I have come to my most favorite place

I start out with jumps, feeling powerful and strong

When I'm out on the ice, nothing can go wrong

I then move to spins, feeling graceful and free

It is there that I know, I am truly me

As I glide and turn, the world fades away

This is the place I could forever stay

There is nothing in the world I am more grateful for

Than this sport that leaves me wanting more

Now I know, this will always be the case

The ice will always be my most favorite place





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