My momma

Fri, 05/20/2022 - 10:52 -- Mjmk

I love my momma

No matter what she does

Even if she yells

Or drinks

Or vapes

Or swears

And doesn't give me hugs

Even though she doesn't tell me

And I don't tell her

I love my momma


And the worst feeling

is seeing my momma cry

In the middle of the night

With my little sister in my bed

Standing at the door

With the phone in my hand

911 already typed in

watching my stepdad closely 

In case he makes a move

Momma's calling him crazy

While holding my baby brother

And it's dark

So I can't really see

Momma tells me to go to bed

Momma please

What's going on

Why's uncle Andrew here

Why do you look scared

Tell me what's happening

Momma I can help

Momma don't make me shut the door

Don't make us go to sleep

Momma what did he do

Momma please


Momma thank you for not crying

Even in the toughest of times

Thank you being there

Thank you for keeping me alive

I'm who I am because of you

I just want you to know

Even though I don't tell you

I love you momma


This poem is about: 
My family


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