My Mom Lies

My mom is a fighter
She is always saying
"Things will get better"
She laughs and smiles
Calls me pretty and smart
She works hard to give me things
She works hard to feed me
She cleans all day
Always has clean clothes for me
She always says okay
When I ask for things from the store
And she gives me gas money
So I can go out and have fun
And she always goes to bed early

But one thing my mom does
That I she doesn't know I know

Is that she lies

She lies when she says "Don't worry"
She lies about the cost of my food
She lies when she says she has money
To give me for nights out
She lies when she says she's happy
She lies when she says it's all right
She lies when she says she's not tired
She lies when she says she's all right

I'm not mad that she lies
Because I know  she has to
That's what mommies do
She has to pretend she's strong
When she's on the verge of giving up
To show me I can be strong
When I'm a mom one day

Thank you mom for lying

This poem is about: 
My family


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