My Mom


My Mom, my best friend
Standing by me, from start til’ end.
She’s always there when I need her
To comfort and to care
She catches every tear I shed
She’s always in my prayers
She lifts me up when I fall
She inspires me to do my best
She praises me despite my flaws
She outstands all the rest
I will never be able to thank her
For all that she has done for me
For all the times she fought
For all the times she made me see
And when I’d lose the will to win
I’d reach for her
And I could touch the sky again
She’s the reason I can forgive
The reason I am here
She’s my very will to live
And the conquer to all my fears
My mom is my hero
She gives me wings to fly
She inspires me every day
Just by the look of love in her eyes
Someday I will repay her
For all that she has done
For every time she’s made me smile
For all she’s made me become
I don’t know what I’d do without her
She’s what makes my world go round
She makes every day of mine better
I truly have an amazing mother


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