My Mistake

You made me so happy.
I would always smile at the thought of you. 

Dreaming about those sparkling brown eyes that you saw as plain, 
and your crooked smile you hid behind your lips.
Even your goofy cackle that I occassionally got to slip out. 

Making you happy, made me happy. 

I always felt complete with you, 
things always seemed to feel right with you.

I thought you felt the same way too. 

You made me so sad. 
Always claiming it was because you loved me too. 

Seeing you turn on me,
making me the bad guy. 
Demanding for my trust, even when you failed to return the favor. 

Listening to your loud voice bounce off the walls, 
cowaring in fear as you screamed "Shut the hell up!"
then turning around five minutes later and claiming "Because I love you." 

"I don't want to lose you." 

"You made me do this." 

Making you upset made me upset.



But it was never really my fault was it? None of it was ever me. 
And I can promie you one thing dearest,

I'm never making you again. 

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