My Mistake

Sat, 10/31/2020 - 23:40 -- Zanies

An apology

I owe to you

everyone else begs to stop me

they think your the one that's wrong

I can't help but laugh

I'm a disappointment, I know

I made you mad

I hurt you

I pushed your buttons and made you do thing you didn't like

I did things you didn't like

I wanted you to try new things

I wanted you to laugh with us

I wanted to see you smile

You didn't

didn't laugh, didn't smile, didn't be happy, didn't have fun

It's funny, you know?

the way you looked so hurt by me trying so hard to make u happy

like you could hit me

I wish I could take it back

take back the party, holding you, staying beside you, hugging you

but most of all I'm sorry we were so different

in that you focused on them while I focused on you

and I focused so much on you that you called me "annoying"

Sorry I'm not perfect

Sorry I didn't do what you wanted

Sorry you think I'm annoying

Sorry I made you think that

I guess that's just how I am, huh?

a dumb little girl that God forbid be....

too happy

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Moon Quaye

" you focused on them while I focused on you"...

"...a dumb little girl that God forbid be....

too happy"

awww I'm crying.

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