My mind goes in circles.


I see darkness.

When i see the darkness it reminds me of the bad.

It reminds me of the sad.

It reminds me that My mom hurt my dad

. When i remeber this I think of how much my dad has done for me

. He has always been there.

When i was younger her was my hero.

Now I see i picked the lesser of two evils.
When i think about the lesser.

I think about how i am no go.

I wont amount to much and every thing i do or say will be out done and out shown by someone better then me.

This scarres me.

It scarres me because as i lay awake at night, i wonder why i go on.

Once this though gets going the only way to block it out is thinking of nothing.

But the nothing reminds me to much of the darkness.



I love it. It pulled me in from the first line and i like how it goes back to where it started from.

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