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Mon, 05/19/2014 - 19:38 -- DaryleK


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What are you here for?

I know you're being supplied a check at the end of the month,

but who will have supplied my knowledge at the end of this period?

I stare at the same clock everyday for 50 minutes. 

As my frustration grows I wonder, will this quadratic equation will ever become useful to me in life?

Will it help me pay my taxes?

Will I need it to pay my bills?

Is discovering the velocity to some unknown wave going to help me major in communications?

I'm most certain it won't.

You're talking in front of me,

but I don't hear you.

I just stare blankly at the new found language you've written on the board.

I'm assuming your lips are moving.

But I doubt anything I actually care about is coming out of them.

You then ask if I understand.

I nod

"I don't"

Then you go on.

What are you here for?

If you continue to talk about nothing

and I continue to wonder about everything . . .

What am I here for?

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