My Mind

You want to know what runs through a young teenage mind?

Do you want to know the truth or lies?

Fairytails, butterflies, finding the right guy!

NO, thats not it at all.

Death. Sex. Lies. Drugs. Guys.

If that was truth then we would be the untruthful, unreliable, bad child, no the one that twinkies in your eye.

We are not childeren, we see the world as well as you

If you did not want to know the truth, and only lies, I am sorry to tell you, for us, it is no suprise.

We know every last day could be the last,

yet we drown our fears and strees, with substance that are going to ruien the rest.

In a perfect life I would tell you my biggest fear is the outfit that I am going to wear tomorrow.

What really runs through our minds is that everything we have, we know is going to be take from us. 

Is the person on the streets really following us?

How am i going to pay for a baby in college?

Is what i am feeling normal?

Do others go through what I am?

We would like to think we are different, but somehow we are all the same.

the stress of life is turning the young teenage hair the color no of gold.

That if you just lived in my mind you would understand.

taht my actions are not crazy, marrage is just signing of piece of papter, life has an experation date, and sometimes love does not last forever.

If you want to be in my mind, take a walk in my sheos. Know the stress of school, work. being the outcast, and having everything stolen from you.

No. You can't be in my mind, if you were, you would be more crazy than I.


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