My Midnight Star

Mon, 02/15/2016 - 20:49 -- ghoflen

I look unto the midnight sky and see her there,

magnificent, radiant, and lovely.

Too far away to be reached by human hands and hearts;

and though I wish it wasn't so,

she shines alone, isolated from the harsh night.

Even so, her beauty throws light upon all she touches,

the night, the sky, the world.


My world, my lonely world is lit up by her;

a woman beautiful and bright.

Glowing far off in a midnight life,

she's my guiding light in times of darkness.

Though I may wish to give up

on this island of solitude,

she inspires hope inside my aching heart,

and that hope is all I need to survive.


My beautiful star-

I could not live if not for the thought,

the wonderous thought,

that I might see you again.

Miles and years go by but still you shine,

brilliantly glowing, sparkling, and glimmering.

A beacon endlessly urging me towards you.

And 'til the day I can join you I shall stand here,

and look upon my star, my midnight star,

that forever lights up my world.

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