My mentor of worth

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 01:01 -- marajm

I never was eager,

To see you that early.

You always seemed to smile,

When I found myself nothing but idle.

But I never found it annoying, rather,

I found it very reassuring.


Faith seemed to be your strength,

Love helping you see more than others would.

Your positivity became a comfort to me,

That to soar you must First Love Yourself to see.

I never understood why you loved me so,

But it helped me get through my days.


I felt my heart be softened by you,

Causing me to slow down a reflect.

Life isn’t always kind to me,

Sometimes pushing down a better person I want to be.

Yet I never once questioned my worth,

Because you constantly reminded me,


I’m worth more than any jewel in this world,

And I hope to teach others they’re worth more than pearls.


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