My mentor

Thu, 08/16/2018 - 23:05 -- Alastor

My mentor?


The only thing that has been my mentor is pain.

Pain is a very harsh teacher in life.


It brings you to your knees and makes you look at reality.

It is my mentor.

It taught me to love things I didn’t realize I should love.

It taught me to be smart about my decisions.

Taught me to be wary of situations.

It gave me wisdom.

It gave me fear, and anger, and despair.

Pain taught me to hate everything.

Taught me to hold back tears and choke on them.


Oh, and I know you want inspirational.


Well… screw inspiration.


The cold hard truth is that pain is anyone’s best mentor in life.


Pain is what forces you to learn.

Forces you to think ahead about consequences.


I don’t do sugar coating.

I don’t do blase´, and happy.

Why should I lie when it’s true?


The only thing my family taught,

more specifically my father,

is that pain is great reminder to do well.

It’s something to fear,

and that is why I should do well in life…

so I don’t have to experience it again and again.


It is a ruthless teacher though.

On the worse days it doesn’t let up, and you have to learn how to deal.

It teaches you to deal.


On the best days you feel that it’s all worth it… until later on.


Pain is a constant in my life.

Pain is my mentor.

I’ve learned a lot over the years from it.

It’s made me stronger.

Made me durable.

But more importantly, it’s made me vulnerable.

Because, as my teacher in life,

it has taught me to lose trust in just about everything, and everyone.


So thanks to this destructive, healing emotion.

Without it I wouldn’t be who I am.

I would be more naive.

I would be less guarded.

So a big thanks to pain.

Because without you, I wouldn’t have developed so many skills…

and so many issues.


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