My memories

Laying on my floor

Surrounded by piles of clothes,

Books and miscellaneous objects.The red CD player sitting on my floor.

My eyes fall on the black star and yellow parchemeted,

CD case contains Hamilton.


Rise up, Rise up a shaky voice about to meet death.

I get up and open the case,

Place the CD in the player and push play.

A march starts and I am taken back.

To a battlefield, full of overgrown grass and weeds.


No one wants to remember 8th grade.

But the song brings me back to a time

That I did not even know myself.

Get involved and get good grades

All I remember is history

The battles that gave us independance.


Math and Science,

When am I going to use the quadratic formula?

Why would I need to know about volcanoes and earthquakes?

All I remember is the battle of Yorktown.



Why do I need to know how fast I can run

One mile or the rules of dodgeball other than

To dodge life.

I only remember Hamilton's financial plan.


We the people

Jefferson and his slave

Washington and Mt. Veron


I only remember these men and what they did.

Now looking back

Hearing that voice of Aaron Burr,

The only thing I remember about history

Standing on that old battlefield

Surrounded by tall grass and weeds.

The voice reaching through history pulling back to 8th grade.



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