My ME (Love)


I love my big nose and big lips: nubian features; my blemishes and acne marks. 

I love my nappy roots; the 4-5 hours it takes to tame my mane.

I love the extra meat on my sides and waist, better yet, the extra grip from the curvature of my backside.

I love my uneven fingernails of which I will never seem to grow out of biting.

I love my uneven complexion;

the rich, fullness, and beauty in my skin tone.

I love my somewhat unmanaged mood swings, because, I bet I could love deeper than any person you've ever met.

I could go on and on but most importantly, I love the undeniable and unwaivering fullfiment of the reflection I see in the revolving glass.

I love me; my being, my consciousness; my soul, my love, my me,

I love me. Sude. 


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