My a Me

I'm a stompin'
I'm a great
Yet my a me just can't relate.
Can't see through the window
Can't see through the door
Can't see behind the curtain
How do I get passed this curtain?
'Cause I'ma I'ma stompin'
I'ma I'ma GREAT
MY a ME, it's not too late
For I'ma I'ma hero
I'va I'va hope
I'va chance to be something
BETTER than before!
So I can't see through the window
So I can't see through the door
But I'll get  passed this curtain
I'll get PASSED this CURTAIN!!!
Oh, I'ma I'ma human
I'va got a heart.
My a me can change.
I'ma passin' by this curtain
I'ma walkin' through my door
The window's looking brighter
Finally I'm home!!!
My a me's a hero
My a me's a find
My a me has kindness!
My a me's refined
Gladly, I'ma I'ma stompin'
I'ma I'ma GREAT!
MY a ME, it's not too late!
My a Me, you relate. 


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