MY maths teacher Mrs.B

Sun, 06/30/2019 - 01:34 -- soumyak

I have always been good at maths
but last year in subject enrichment 
I got a C
I always aced at my exams 
I don't know what i did wrong Mrs.B
I too participated in the annual day
you congratulated everyone but me
I am angry ,irritated ,frustrated
why are you so biased miss b
I raised my hand but you always ignored me
I wanted to take part in the assembly 
you didn't take me
What more do you want from me
Now I don't even care so go ahead fail me
And yes you did
Another C
Atleat i have this competition with me
no one is stopping me
I'll write whatever i want 
express my feelings for you by me
I changed my section because of you
How bad can you be 
but in this class here i am
acing at every exam
'Why did you change your section?'
my friends ask me 
what should i tell them 
maybe that 
you are a biased teacher and you hate me

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