My Masked World


In this mask I am silly, goofy, and i act just like my shoe size.

I am really childish, and don't listen to anyone.

My actions describe who and why I am me.

My skin color is silk brown and I am hilarious to my friends.

I give irresponsible advice to my peers and doesn't care if they listen or not.


But behind this mask I am someone else.

Having dreams that never expected to dream.

Picturing colors that I really don't like.

Inside this mask I am different.

Sometimes I feel special, other times I don't.

And I am hiding it within this mask.

Inside this mask I am different.


Outside of this mask I am human.

I live the life of a young girl in high school.

Out of this mask, I am special, unique, and a fabulous person.

I have fears, doubts and hope.

Living in a world where you don't belong, but soon will be.

Outside of this mask, I am a nation within a nation


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