To My Mama, She's My Real Black Superman

To My Mama, She’s My Real Black Superman

By Jasmine A. Tate

At 19 with 2 kids, Mama is stuck for a loop

Her girlfriend calls to give her the scoop

About my Dad’s fake truths

And how he was out in the world trying to play

So she swallowed her pride and kept us away

Back with my grandma she moved with haste

But necessary if it was positive moves she was gonna make

She was a walking failure, it’s how they saw her

But she carried that “S” on her chest and decided to drive on

It was a hell of a drive, but she powered her way through undergrad in an on-time pace

A sigh of relief came over her face

However, she knew that wasn’t the end of the race

She applied to law school and waited for admissions to say when she could attend

Law school gave her a little trouble, yes she stayed on the bubble, but she knew that degree was acquirable

While she lugged us to class and stayed up long days and nights, her determination was unwavering

She wasn’t taking the low paychecks, she wanted to straight make the checks she was worth

She got us up outta poverty, while the lack of support stood by

Many people expected her demise

To their surprise, she made it out of law school alive

Some days I wonder if she saw us as a blessin’ or a painful lesson of life and its testaments?

My peers wanna know why I’m so humble?

Because my mama to me comes number one

She sacrificed everything for the betterment of her children

A feat many people won’t understand

But I love my Mama, she’s my real black superman


This poem is about: 
My family


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